Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2

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    Android Ios

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    Aug 10, 2023

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  • Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2, with the ID com.tutotoons.app.jungleanimalhairsalon2.free, brings creativity, fashion and grooming to the entertainment of mobile gaming. Designed primarily for children, this smartphone game lets players turn into hairstylists for funny and cute jungle animals. Each animal character presents a unique and fun-filled scenario, which fosters children's creativity and curiosity about the animal kingdom. Besides, the game integrates elements of the virtual world, such as hairdressing tools, salon, and trendy outfits, with the theme of wildlife, thus contributing to the overall aesthetic and learning experience. Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 is not just a game of fun and creativity but also a virtual journey into the colorful wildlife.
  • Creativity at the helm: The game provides children a platform to experiment with their creative ideas in hairstyling and grooming.
  • Wildlife Exploration: Each animal character introduces children to different species of the jungle fostering curiosity about wildlife.
  • Learning through Fun: Children can learn more about the world of hairstyling and grooming in a fun-filled way.
  • High-quality graphics: The game is beautifully designed with vivid colors that will attract and entertain young players.
  • Variety of Scenarios: Each animal character presents a unique scenario providing variety of gameplay.
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  • Step into the wild: As the game starts, children will enter into a virtual jungle where they are introduced to various animal characters each presenting a unique ‘hair’ situation.
  • Creativity with styling tools: Kids can select from a variety of styling tools and creatively groom the animal characters.
  • Learn while you play: The gameplay integrates the fun of grooming with learning elements about hairstyle trends and personal grooming.
  • Interactive Experience: The game promotes interactive learning, developing children's creativity and knowledge about the wildlife.
  • Compete and learn: Kids can also compete with their peers in grooming the funniest or the most stylish animal, promoting healthy competition and learning.


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