Toca Kitchen 2

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    Android Ios

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    Aug 10, 2023

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  • Toca kitchen 2 is a very educational and leisure game. It can produce a large number of different foods for guests in the game. Different food combinations can be flexibly used to create unforgettable food bars. Feel endless fun. If you are interested, download them quickly.
  • Players can not only collect a variety of food, but also understand the story behind the food. Join immediately to satisfy your curiosity about food.
  • Look for food to eat. The rich ingredients are all in the kitchen. Match them according to your favorite style.
  • Different tastes of sushi are popular. If you study the taste of sushi, it is easier to start cooking.
  • Use all kinds of 2265 ingredients to create a brand new food that is out of the way and innovative.
  • Find satisfying ingredients in the pasture and forest. Finally, try to combine different ingredients to create a delicious food.
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  • Strange materials, There are six different kinds of kitchenware to choose from, so that you can make interesting food! Choose your favorite ingredients, add some "strange ingredients", and finally add some "strange ingredients". Now it's time to let your guests taste something new! Are there any champions?
  • Observe reactions, Observe the guests' reactions and find out their preferences. Boil fried leftovers with burnt fish head, and then pour a glass of lettuce juice! Oh, they don't like it? Then add a pinch of salt. It's most interesting to hear them say "Er".
  • Unlimited creativity, Who says dishes must be beautiful and delicious? In Toca Kitchen 2, you can do whatever you want! Make a potato tower, a salad, or a hamburger. Create your own secret recipe and offer your guests special delicacies.


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