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    Aug 10, 2023

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  • Onmyoji is a mobile game designed by NetEase that sets you in the role of a powerful spell caster in a mythical Japan. Taking on a wealth of quests and battling enemies using a tactical turn-based combat system, you'll embark on visceral, magical adventures with your proverbial band of heroes. The game, predominantly aimed at anime and manga enthusiasts, also holds significant appeal for players who enjoy strategy-oriented games.
  • Engrossing storyline: The game gifts you an immersive narrative draped in mythical elements, providing not just an objective to work towards, but an entire tale to lose yourself in.
  • Tactical turn-based combat: Onmyoji features a tactical turn-based combat which tests your strategic thinking and keeps gameplay engaging.
  • Varied characters: The game is replete with a spectrum of characters, each one beautifully drawn and uniquely powered.
  • Guild system: You can form guilds with your friends or other players worldwide and work collectively towards common objectives.
  • Stunning graphics: The visuals are absolutely breathtaking, and perfectly capture the look and feel of an ancient, mythical Japan.
  • Voice acting: Each character is suitably voiced, with intonations that give depth to their respective personas.
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  • Starting off, the storytelling element in Onmyoji is commendable. The game presents a captivating narrative that provides a rich backdrop to the gameplay. The design of the characters and the world itself is breathtaking, with a clear attention to detail.
  • Tactical combat dominates the gaming experience, but it never gets repetitive due to the strategic thinking required to win the battles. The multitude of characters available presents a myriad of options, each with their own unique skills and powers.
  • The guild feature allows players to team up, adding a layer of cooperative strategy. The impressive graphics and brilliant voice acting round off the package, making Onmyoji a game that's as much a visual spectacle as it is an engrossing gaming experience.


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