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    Everyone 10+

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    Role Playing

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    Jan 24, 2024

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  • Description: Welcome to AFK Arena, an epic mobile RPG developed by Lilith Games. Embark on a fantasy adventure in the magical realm of Esperia, a land in which four great factions have warred against each other since time immemorial. Collect a team of legendary heroes from each faction and save the world from chaos. AFK Arena offers a rich gameplay experience with strategic battles, a heroic quest, and a variety of unique game modes. With beautiful hand-drawn graphics, captivating lore, and a variety of gameplay mechanics, AFK Arena is an immersive fantasy RPG experience right in the palm of your hands.
  • Feature1: Epic Tales and Exciting Adventures. Join a compelling story with a diverse cast of characters.
  • Feature2: Simple yet Deep Gameplay. Easy to learn but offers a lot of depth for players who want to get more out of the game.
  • Feature3: Strategic Battles. Plan your moves carefully to overcome a variety of challenges.
  • Feature4: Collect Legendary Heroes. Assemble a team of unique heroes from four different factions.
  • Feature5: Idle Progression. Your heroes will continue to fight and earn rewards even when you are not playing.
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  • Gameplay Copywriting1: Dive into AFK Arena's immersive world, explore the wondrous lands of Esperia, and discover the stories of the characters you meet along the way.
  • Gameplay Copywriting2: Strategize your battles, think carefully about your hero line-up and their skills, and claim victory in challenging arena battles.
  • Gameplay Copywriting3: Train your heroes and level them up. Don't worry about not having enough time to play – your heroes never rest and will continue fighting and leveling up even when you're AFK.


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