Outlets Rush

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    Jan 24, 2024

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  • Discover a business world like no other in Outlets Rush - the newest, most strategic, addictive, and rewarding idle management game from Core Studios. As a visionary entrepreneur, your mission in this compelling app, with id com.corestudios.storemanagementidle, is to expand your commercial empire by owning, managing, and operating thriving outlets. But success won't come easy. You'll need to hire the right staff, monitor supply and demand, stay ahead of your competition, and continually innovate to keep your businesses in profit. With captivating gameplay, a dynamic business simulation, and a mission to create your own retail empire, it’s time to prove your entrepreneurial talents with Outlets Rush. So get ready to open doors to success and profit with this unputdownable game.
  • Authentic and detailed business simulation game that controls every aspect of your outlet, down to the tiniest detail.
  • Unique blend of strategy and idle gameplay that will challenge your management skills while keeping engagement levels sky high.
  • A wealth of different business sectors to invest in, each with their own specific demands, trends, and customer behaviors.
  • In-depth staff management system, allowing you to hire, train, motivate, and promote your employees to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Fully interactive game interface that delivers a fun, immersive, and rewarding hands-on business experience.
  • Fierce competition with various game modes to test your management strategies and business acumen.
  • Regular updates to continually deliver new features, challenges, and business opportunities to players.
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  • Build your retail empire by investing wisely, carefully choosing which sectors are best for you, and expanding your outlets steadily and strategically.
  • Manage your staff by hiring the right people for the jobs, motivating them, training them, and promoting them to keep your business profitable.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by analyzing market trends and customer behaviors, constantly innovating, and planning for the future to ensure your businesses always remain profitable.
  • Challenge yourself and test your management skills with various game modes.
  • Get immersed in your own entrepreneurial journey and have loads of fun as every decision matters in your path to building a successful business empire.


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