MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

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    Jan 24, 2024

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  • Step into the universe of MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG. Join the super-powered heroes of the Marvel Universe as they fight a new cosmic threat. As Earth falls, you will lead the charge against the evil forces that are wreaking havoc on your world. Gather your team of heroes, form an unstoppable squad and take part in the epic battles that come to life in-universe. With the balance of power in the universe at stake, you'll collaborate with your favorite Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and others to protect Earth. Your mission is to strategize, upgrade, and fight your way to victory.
  • Experience an immersive visual game like no other with stunning graphics and character animation.
  • Form your dream team with heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe like Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and many more.
  • Engage in strategic combat where your skills and strategies will determine the outcome.
  • Upgrade your superheroes and super villains to become stronger and unlock their potential.
  • Participate in the global events and climb the leaderboards by proving your worth.
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  • Engage in 5v5 squad-based battles: Put your team into action and engage in dynamic turn-based combat.
  • Use superhero abilities strategically: Each Marvel character has their unique abilities. Learn and strategize to use them effectively in battles.
  • Upgrade & Enhance your characters: Earn resources through gameplay and use them to rank up your characters' skills, equipment and abilities.
  • Take part in Arena, Blitz and Raid modes: Each mode offers unique gameplay and rewards. Conquer all arenas and become the best in the Marvel Universe.


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